About Kòrsou Kapasitá

Capacity development and institutional strengthening for Curaçao


Since the emergence of the new autonomous country Curaçao on October 10 2010, new opportunities were established but also new challenges were presented.

Among the challenges that the new country faces is the need to articulate a National Development Plan (NDP) that gives cognizance to the environmental, economic, social and political realities of a new country within the current global environment.

Additionally, since the first Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report for Curacao and Sint Maarten was prepared in 2011 by the Governments of the two countries in collaboration with UNDP some key measures of progress were identified.

Brief description of the Project

The project Capacity Development and Institutional Strengthening for Curaçao also known as Kòrsou Kapasitá: inkluí hende i inspirámente! will assist the Government to realize the vision for the new Country Curaçao as articulated in the Governing Programme.

This project is a government project facilitated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The project has four outputs:

  1. Output 1 – Production of the country’s first National Development Plan for Curaçao
  2. Output 2 – Installing national socioeconomic database (with institutionalized capacity)
  3. Output 3 – Social Cohesion through pilot projects via MDGs 1 &7
  4. Output 4 – Aid and Resource Mobilization

The main output of this project is the creation of a National Development Plan (NDP) for Curaçao. The second draft has been finalized and is currently under review.

Please click here to download the second draft of the National Development Plan (NDP)