Plan Nashonal di Desaroyo

National Development Plan 

The NDP as the main output will assist in building a realistic framework for a broad sustainable social and economic development for the coming 15 years.  The process to get to the NDP involves many consultations, dialogues and putting different groups together with one main objective: what are the critical choices Curaçao has to make to not just formulate yet another plan, but have the guarantee that it will also be implemented in short and long term?

International dialogue expert Philip Thomas authored a Scoping Report in which he stipulated several steps in the process to reach a National Development Plan:  

  1. Develop a draft NDP based on existing plans and assessments;
  2. Identify gaps and update initiatives with stakeholders;
  3. Hold a high level retreat to validate findings and direction;
  4. Work with inter-ministerial groups and other stakeholders to close information gaps;
  5. Transform draft NDP into creative presentation and hold neighborhood dialogues, using democratic dialogue techniques to validate the vision and direction;
  6. Finalize vision based on these dialogues, agree action and implementation plan, assigning accountability, budget and timing;
  7. Establish monitoring and evaluation [and implementation] mechanism.

Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 have already been executed and the second draft of the plan is already finalized. After approval of the second draft the next step will be to approve the vision, gather input on the main themes through neighbourhood consultations which will take place during the months of June, July and August, 2015.

This National Development Plan is based on a vision of change for Curaçao in four interlocked themes – National Identity; Education; Economy; and Good Governance – all working together towards better outcomes, not only for the economy, but for the people and resources of Curaçao.

And though the NDP incorporates a long-term vision in each theme, it is a plan focused on the execution of catalytic short-term initiatives, putting Curaçao on the path towards resiliency, sustainability and attainment of that long-term vision.

Please click here to view the National Development Plan.