Output 2

National Socioeconomic Database (NSED)

The National Development Plan (NDP) will support priority setting, focus and stability for Curaçao as an island nation, with autonomous status since 10 October 2010. The Long term NDP would also provide the basis for a nation-wide annual monitoring and reporting system to measure developmental progress.

Sound development planning that is evidence based requires that countries develop a reliable statistical database.  The main objective of this output is establishing the national socio-economic database and to train public servants, and selected private sector and civil society organization personnel in its use.  Establishing such a database will allow government at all levels to be able to base policies on quantitative and qualitative analysis of disaggregated data.

The development of a Socioeconomic Database is one of the many concrete steps towards the implementation of the NDP. The Socioeconomic Database will focus on realizing the following objectives:

  • Review and organize existing data and indicators (based on international standards).
  • In cases where possible integrate existing socioeconomic databases.
  • Agreeing upon and including development indicators that measure progress to be set out in the NDP and Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), in line with the post 2015 Development Agenda;
  • Advise on best practices with respect to the use of software e.g. DevInfo for the purpose of data storage when it is used in a broader context for indicators relating to the NDP and SDGs.
  • Determining protocol and guidelines about sharing information among interest groups, both within and outside of government users and
  • Building the capacity in the use, administration, maintenance and monitoring of the socioeconomic database (including a Train the Trainers programme)