Social Cohesion through pilot projects via MDGs 1 & 7

Output description

Strengthening of national capacities to achieve MDG 1 (eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) and MDG 7 (ensure environmental sustainability) through implementation of concrete pilot programmes.

These pilot programmes (e.g. approved projects by the local government) will be identified within the Ministries of OWCS (Education, Science, Culture and Sport) and SOAW (Social Development, Labor and Welfare), that are up and running and have the capacity elements to remain sustainable and contribute to job creation in relation to the needs of the current labor market.

The main objective is creating income (jobs and entrepreneurship) for the young generation, while at the same time improving the environment. By tackling inequalities in society, especially among the youth (37.2% youth unemployment), we foster more social cohesion in Curacao.

The Social Cohesion Programme (SCP) will start with a pilot phase, in which minimum 3 initiatives are assisted to meet MDG 1 and MDG 7 or to make a positive impact with respect to MDG 1 and MDG 7.

Focus areas

Besides the obvious attention for the youth, the programme also focuses on three specific subjects.

In particular:

  1. Food Security,
  2. Craftsmanship and
  3. Cross Media.

The catalyzing role will be offered through one or a combination of the following four products/support structures:

  1. Communication and Marketing Support
  2. Operational Management Support
  3. Technical Support
  4. Funding Procurement Support