Resource Mobilization

Curaçao has no adequate financial instrument to support the Government’s sustainable development vision. Furthermore Curaçao lacks the coordination mechanism to mobilize local and donor resources towards its development vision.


  • Identifying financial resources available locally and internationally and developing strategies for tapping into them.
  • Act, empower and mobilize local actors to capitalize on existing and new donors and opportunities.
  • Support and contribute to an adequate financial instrument to support the sustainable development of Curaçao (Curaçao Development Bank).


  1. Match making with local donors for NGO’s.
  2. Building capacity for EU (non EDF)
  3. Liaise and collaborate towards funding of local initiatives with the development department of the Curaçao Development Bank (CDB).


  • Training for funding acquirement (project proposal and gaining access to donor funding)
  • Building capacity among NGOs and matching with local donors
  • Workshops and training for EU (non EDF)
  • Support via UN institutions e.g. the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Key Achievements

The project Kòrsou Kapasitá has supported the Ministry of Economic Development with regards to the ECLAC mission to Curacao for conceptualization and project plan for the Curaçao Development Bank (CDB).